It’s Official: Just Cause 3 Will Blast Onto PS4, Xbox One And PC In 2015


Game Informer has unveiled their show-stopping cover for the month of December and it’s a doozy. After a metric ton of rumours and fevered speculation, Just Cause 3 is official, with Square Enix confirming that the long-awaited sequel will arrive for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in 2015.

The third entry into Avalanche Studios’ bombastic open-world series will reportedly take players to the tropical setting of the Mediterranean replete with parachute and grappling mechanics that have been “vastly improved.” Further in the cover story, GI reports that a lot of the riotous fun that the series has become synonymous with is still very much a defining feature in Just Cause 3 — a threequel which, according to Avalanche, strikes a “balance between outright stupid and fun.”

Frankly, Just Cause 3 couldn’t be arriving at a more opportune time. Following a prolonged spell of military shooters that adhered to a dull, decaying colour palette — which still exist, mind you — studios across the four corners of the industry have begun to pull away from the dour trend and instead released titles that flip the middle finger at realism, with Sunset Overdrive being the most recent example.

Circling back to Avalanche’s sequel, though, just last week, a bout of leaked images appeared to suggest that the upcoming threequel will incorporate some form of microtranscations in the final build. Unfortunately, we don’t have a definitive answer on the matter at this time, but we can readily expect to learn more details about Just Cause 3 when December’s issue of Game Informer hits the shelves.