Joe Danger: The Movie Will Bring Its Tricks To XBLA “In The Next Month Or So”

It’s been about a year since Hello Games first unveiled Joe Danger: The Movie during discussions regarding its predecessor’s Xbox LIVE Arcade port. Back then, release date information obviously wasn’t available and, while it still isn’t now, we’re closer to knowing when the game may appear on XBLA.

While speaking to the British developer’s head honcho, Sean Murray, Joystiq was told that the stuntman’s next digital outing is “pretty much complete”. As a result, the game could end up releasing “in the next month or so”, which makes sense considering that it was the full version of the title that Gamescom attendees got to check out last week.

The final portion of the above paragraph references the following quote, which refers to the positive fan reception that Hello Games’ latest offering received during the convention;

“It’s been good, so the game is actually probably gonna come out in the next month or so. Something like that.”

As those who follow the industry regularly will note, Joe Danger: The Movie will need to go through Microsoft’s classification process before it’s released, and that could take a bit of time. This is what Mr. Murray had to say regarding that next step:

“That’s where we’re heading into now. We’re doing the final, ‘We shouldn’t be changing anything, but we are.’ Don’t tell our QA!”

And, after being questioned regarding whether the game will appear on PS3 and/or PC, he responded with;

“At the moment, we’re just showing and talking about 360. We kind of haven’t made any other announcements or anything like that,” stated Murray. “But, obviously the original came out on PS3 and 360, so …”

We’ll let you know when we hear anything else about Joe Danger: The Movie.