Joe Danger: The Movie Will Be The Digital Stunman’s Final Trick

It’s been confirmed that digital stuntman Joe Danger will be going out with a bang, as Joe Danger: The Movie is planned as his last triple back flip. Releasing last year, it will mark the end of Hello Games‘ flip-filled series.

“We’re only doing The Movie because we had a good idea for it,” stated Hello Games’ Sean Murray to IGN. He went further by stating that the studio wanted to “explore” Joe Danger in “every possible way,” but that they are “done with that idea” after drawing up ideas for next year’s game.

In an earlier interview, Murray mentioned that Joe Danger: The Movie will be a “huge” game. Using the first game as a comparison, he noted that its entire run would be just “one short scene” in the much-larger sequel.

Although an official release announcement has not been made, it’s been said that Joe Danger: The Movie will be available next year. It will be available “on consoles everywhere.” Take from that what you will, but it sounds like confirmation for both PSN and XBLA. While the original title had lengthy exclusivity on Sony‘s console, it will be coming to XBLA this coming Wednesday.