Journey Heading To PSN In Spring 2012

No, we’re not talking about the classic American rock band, Journey. We’re talking about the amazing, atmospheric and incredibly artistic game, Journey.

thatgamecompany, the minds behind such past PSN titles as Flow and Flower, have announced that they plan to release their next masterpiece sometime in Spring 2012.

For those unfamiliar with Journey, the game is about a robed figure, (as seen in the picture above) with the ultimate goal of heading towards a mountain in the distance. The player doesn’t know why they’re tasked with reaching that mountain.

Along the way, players will meet another player in a desert and can help each other overcome obstacles. The two players don’t learn each other’s names, and they can’t speak, only knowing that it’s another person playing as that other robed figure.

Personally, I saw a bit of Journey recently at E3 in June, and was very impressed by the art style. This is one to look forward to.

Like thatgamecompany‘s other games, Journey will be available exclusively on PlayStation Network as a downloadable title.

What say you, gamers? Anyone else looking forward to this one?