JumpJet Rex Blasts Onto Steam Early Access Today


JumpJet Rex

If my psychic skills have been perfectly honed like I know they have, then I can tell that you’re the type of gamer who likes old school platformers. I only know this because literally everyone loves their nostalgia fix, and if you’re looking for something to scratch that itch, be sure to check out JumpJet Rex, which hits Steam Early Access today.

Taking the old school tag to heart, developer TreeFortress promises that JumpJet Rex will offer blistering difficulty through over 40 levels (at final launch) that find a T-Rex using jump boots to save the entire species from extinction from that dang-blasted asteroid. JumpJet Rex will also feature the obligatory co-op mode and Party Games, giving us the chance to play through some ridiculous mini-games with friends.

Keep in mind, today is only the Early Access launch, meaning JumpJet Rex will launch with only 12 stages until the official release later in March. However, dropping $9.99 on the title now will snag you a second Steam key, giving you a fellow Rex to play with and access to the final product when it is released.

Retro games are hardly a new fad, and despite their refusal to remain in the past, there has been a handful of wonderful titles that have bloomed out of a company’s nostalgia. If you’re still on the fence about whether or not JumpJet Rex will be one of those games, just know this: you can customize your T-Rex to look however you want it to. It may not be historically accurate, but a blue T-Rex wearing sunglasses and a smirk destroying an asteroid might be more interesting.

If you feel like supporting TreeFortress, check out JumpJet Rex on Early Access for only $9.99 and don’t forget to share your second key. If you’ve played it, let us know how closely it sticks to history below!

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