Just Cause Developers Working On A “Ground Breaking” Open World Action Game

Earlier today it was revealed that Avalanche Studios, the team behind the Just Cause franchise, are working on a ground breaking open world action game. The email, sent to Eurogamer by the Swedish developer in order to advertise a recruitment event at The Crowne Plaza Baltimore North Hotel on Wednesday 30th May, made mention of various new projects, one of which sounds somewhat like Just Cause 3.

Though vague, the description of a “ground breaking” open world action game, combined with the previous news of Square Enix registering a Just Cause 4 domain, is more than enough for a fan such as myself to conjure up images of Just Cause 3.

However, it remains unclear as to whether these imagined images should be based upon the confines of the current consoles or steeped in the unknown beauty of the next generation. This highly-anticipated sequel was putatively linked to the next Xbox and Playstation 4 back in April, when Christofer Sundberg told Eurogamer that Just Cause was “perfect” for them, and the recent email makes mention of both generations.

Two further undisclosed projects, based upon movie and comic book franchises, were also mentioned in the email, fueling the fires behind the rumour surrounding Avalanche Studios’ involvement in a game based around the upcoming film Mad Max 4: Fury Road.

A flurry of intriguing possibilities emerging this close to E3 gives me hope that more details will soon emerge surrounding these projects.

My cause may be more selfish than just, but I for one can’t wait for this franchise to return.