Kerbal Space Program To Blast Onto PlayStation 4, Much More Than Just “A Lazy Port”


Squad’s cartoony Kerbal Space Program may have been five years in the making, but after putting the final system checks in place and easing onto PC, Mac and Linux back in April, the studio has announced plans to bring the engineering sim onto PlayStation 4 later this year.

Announced via Squad’s official blog, the console port is to be handled along with Flying Tiger Entertainment, and the PS4 version has been described as much more as just “a lazy port.”

As the fanbase of our game has grown, we’ve received a constant influx of pokes and requests from people asking us to bring our game to PS4. With the power of current generation PS4 and the flexibility and ease of use of the Unity engine, bringing KSP over to the PS4 is simply a no brainer. Space is for everyone, regardless of how you prefer to play.

They have experience and have shown us time and time again that they were simply the right choice to make sure that the players receive a quality game on their PS4, and not a lazy port.

What made the port such a no-brainer for the development team was the intuitive design of the DualShock 4, and it’s because of this that player experience won’t be compromised in the transition from platform to platform.

We’ve included the PC launch trailer for Kerbal Space Program above. Take a look and be sure to check back for more information on Squad’s quirky simulator as it breaks.

Source: Squad