Kick-Off: Demos For FIFA 14 & Pro Evolution Soccer 14 Are Now Live


This coming autumn, EA’s FIFA franchise and Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer will once again be at loggerheads with one another. And in order to whet the appetites of their respective fanbase, both studios have published demos for FIFA 14 and PES 14, which are available to download via PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Origin from today – Konami has since stated that the demo version of PES 14 will launch on Xbox Live tomorrow.

News of the gameplay demos came via each of the studio’s Twitter feeds:

EA’s former file is a sizeable 1.51GB and features eight playable teams within the Camp Nou stadium. Those clubs include the likes of Bacelona, Manchester City and Borissua Dortmund and the FIFA 14 demo will even allow gamers to experiment with the Ultimate Team feature by unlocking different players.

On the other half of the pitch, Pro Evolution Soccer 14 weighs in at 1.8GB and though it is currently available to download via Xbox Live in North America, Konami’s footie simulator won’t grace the European Xbox 360 until tomorrow. Not only that, the vertical slice is slated to debut on PC platforms closer to the game’s launch date on September 20th. Nevertheless, the free demo for PES 14 will feature eleven playable teams across both national and international regions; including Bayern Munich, Manchester United, Spain and England.

Much like Battlefield and Call of Duty, the two franchises will release their new iterations within close proximity of one another; with PES 2014 debuting in Europe on September 20th (September 24th for North America) and FIFA 14 releasing worldwide one week later on September 27th.

Each of these footballing sims will, however, be available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in tandem with their respective November releases. What’s more, a special day one edition of Microsoft’s console will come bundled with EA’s FIFA 14 in Europe.

Tell us, which game will you be picking up? Indeed, do you plan on testing the waters with each of the demos? Give us your thoughts below.