Bulletstorm: Whip, Kick, And Boom Trailer

Once again we are graced with the presence of another totally badass Bulletstorm trailer from People Can Fly, Epic, and EA. This time we get a look in on a brand new weapon…and it looks totally mental. It appears to be a projectile drill gun of sadistic satisfaction, or there abouts anyway. Synchronised with some meaty rock music, this video is going to be a very persuasive force for any doubters (seriously, who is still unsure?).

It shows off the fundamental mechanics of stupidly fun guns + leash = playground of beautiful carnage. Everyone loves Bulletstorm’s chain gun, and I haven’t met anyone yet who doesn’t grin when they see the firework blast out of THAT revolver.

Ahh one week left for us Brits then the craziness truly begins. Lock and load – and maybe a bit of giggling too.