Resident Evil 3

How To Kill Hunter Gamma Monsters In Resident Evil 3

With Capcom's remake of Resident Evil 3 finally out in the wild, this guide will provide some helpful tips so that you can defeat Gamma monsters easily.

The cultural significance of Capcom’s Resident Evil series cannot be understated. Not only did 1996’s PS1 original set the gaming landscape aflame, with its taut atmosphere, jaw-dropping 3D graphics, eerie audio and jump-out-of-your skin scares, but it also quickly became a huge critical and commercial success. Before long, a myriad of sequels were released and a multi-media franchise was born that spans across books, comics and even blockbuster movies, too.

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With Capcom’s remake of Resident Evil 3 finally out in the wild, fans have now had a chance to dive in, and for the most part, reviewers and gamers are really enjoying their time with the survival horror experience. Our very own Eric Hall, for example, declared that the reimagined threequel is a “well-oiled machine [that] delivers a chaotic burst of action in a short amount of time.”

Of course, one of the most prominent aspects of the terrifying series are the monsters that lurk at the heart of the beloved horror franchise. From giant alligators, to genetically altered insects, to long-tongued mutated humans, Resident Evil has always strived to craft super creepy monstrosities for players to defeat. As expected, Resident Evil 3 is no different. One of the most horrifying and deadly monsters in the game are undoubtedly the Hunter Gammas, and the following guide will provide some helpful tips so you can defeat the creature easily.

Hunter Gammas are one of the few monsters in the game that are capable of unleashing a one-hit kill attack. With its large mouth, the amphibious beastie can gobble you up in one bite. Yikes!

Thankfully, they do have a weakness: their big ol’ mouths. As a Hunter Gamma begins to attack with its mouth wide open, this is the player’s opportunity to damage the monster and take it down.

Unfortunately, simply shooting the creature’s thick hide will just be a waste of your ammo. However, when shooting at the critter while its giant maw is open, the beast takes a whole lot more damage. Long story short: being able to shoot into its mouth while dodging its attacks is one of the best ways to deal with the monster.

Additionally, if you’ve got a spare grenade lying around, tossing one into the beastie’s wide open mouth is also a surefire way to quickly and effortlessly defeat the Hunter Gamma. Handy!

That about covers it for now, but in the meantime, stay tuned for more news and guides for Resident Evil 3.

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