Kinect Sports Season 2 Gets A Tutorial Style Developer Diary

It’s common knowledge as to why sports fans love to play athletic video games. The rush of being able to interact with your favourite league (albeit digitally) is a great thrill, which is both compelling and immersive.

For many years, we’d only played sports games with two hands firmly planted on a controller of some sort. That changed almost a year ago however, with the release of Kinect Sports. Instead of using buttons, players were inserted into the game as caricatures of themselves, using physical gestures to complete on-screen moves.

That formula is back in polished and expanded form with Kinect Sports Season 2, which is about to release onto the Xbox 360 next Tuesday. It brings new sports, gameplay enhancements, friend challenges and quite a bit more to the table. A lot of this content is detailed below, in the game’s developer diary. Find out what you can look forward to, as well as the different gestures you’ll need to make in order to score a touchdown, make an ace or hit a hole in one.

Kinect Sports Season 2 will be releasing on October 25, 2011.