Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV Is A CG Film Based Around The Game


Their first shot at cinematic glory may not have gone too well, but after almost 15 years, Square Enix is returning to the world of film. Debuting at tonight’s Uncovered event, the upcoming Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV is a fully CG animated feature that will take place alongside the events of the game.

Featuring an all-star voice cast that includes Aaron Paul, Lean Headey and Sean Bean, Kingsglaive takes place in Noctis’ home kingdom of Lucis while he is away. The magical world of Lucis houses the hallowed Crystal, the last of its kind. Unfortunately for the nation, though, the Niflheim empire will stop at nothing to obtain the powerful Crystal.

The citizens of Lucis won’t go down without a fight, however. King Regis (Bean) is the commander of a dedicated group of soldiers known as the Kingsglaive. Using the magic bestowed upon them by their king, Nyx Ulric (Paul) and the rest of the Kingsglaive are tasked with protecting the city of Insomnia from the invading forces.

Faced with having his entire city crushed by the Niflheim, King Regis is faced with an ultimatum. If he wishes to preserve his kingdom, he must cede all of his outside land, as well as make sure that his son Noctis weds Lady Lunafreya (Headey). With war continuing to march on, Insomnia soon becomes a battlefield of awe-inspiring action that threatens to take down Nyx and the mighty Kingsglaive.

Final Fantasy XV was already a pretty impressive looking title, but I have to say, the visuals of Kingsglaive completely blow it away. Simply put, this is one of the best looking pieces of CG animation I have ever seen.

Unfortunately, release details were not revealed, but the film will only be available through either digital streaming or Blu-ray release. For more information on Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV, you can head right here to the official website.