Konami And Hideo Kojima May Release Silent Hills Episodically


Ever since it creeped onto the scene under the veil of the spine-chilling demo P.T., Silent Hills has been on the hearts, minds (and, in all likelihood, nightmares) of gamers across the industry. Just yesterday, we were treated to a no holds barred concept trailer that hints at the kind of skin-crawling horror that awaits us when the game finally releases.

Only, Silent Hills may not launch as a single package; rather, Konami is considering debuting the game in episodic instalments much like a television show. Speaking during the company’s press conference at TGS, renown developer and director of the upcoming title, Hideo Kojima, talked about the possibility of adhering to this format.

Alas, the game is still very much in the early stages of development and it’s unclear whether the company will commit to this blueprint come release. Also, Konami is yet to announce any means of distribution.

Originally, the aforementioned P.T. was released on PlayStation 4 and has been described by Kojima as an experiment in handling the studio’s in-house FOX engine — which no doubt produced some eerily realistic visuals.

Coming by way of Hideo Kojima and revered gothic filmmaker Guillermo Del Toro, Silent Hills has been billed as the continuation in the legendary horror IP. The game also casts Norman Reedus — who plays fan-favourite Daryl in The Walking Dead — in what we assume to be the lead role. Either way, the title will be a first-person experience.

At this early stage, not much is known about the narrative of Silent Hills and whether or not it will draw upon the franchise’s terrifying lore. Nevertheless, we’ll be sure to keep you up to date with all the announcements for Hideo Kojima’s latest title as they appear.

Source: GameSpot