Konami Hinting At Imminent Silent Hill Announcement

Silent Hill

Konami, at long last, appears to be teasing something related to Silent Hill, though nobody’s exactly sure what.

The publisher, which still owns the beloved IP, has yet to produce a new installment in the franchise since 2012’s Book of Memories, itself the last before an intended reboot – Silent Hills – led by Hideo Kojima was to enter full production. Despite the critical acclaim heaped on the latter’s P.T. demo, Kojima and Konami’s much-publicized split ultimately resulted in the title’s cancellation and fans have been left pining for something – anything – ever since.

Fast forward to the present day, then, and you’ll no doubt be aware of the various leaks circulating online that multiple Silent Hill projects are in the works. Like before, one of these is supposedly aiming to be a soft reboot; the other a story-driven experience akin to Telltale’s work. Konami has refused to be drawn on the rumors, of course, though it now appears as if the company may finally be ready to take action.

Silent Hill

Shortly after posting an audio clip of the familiar klaxon sound from Silent Hill 2, Konami swiftly responded with the following statement:

Easy there internet. We were watching streams of Dead By Daylight and thought we would share the noise and feel of being hunted. We won’t take the tweet down and “backpedal”, we just wanted you to enjoy it.

For those unaware, Behaviour Interactive’s asymmetrical multiplayer title recently added the iconic Pyramid Head to its roster, seemingly explaining away the above, though it’s in a follow-up comment provided where things get truly interesting.

We are sorry we got people fired up. Anything official would come from first from @SilentHillor an event or something, not from us. We were just being fans and enjoyed the noise/memories. Sorry everyone, did mean to kill your Friday mood.

Why would Konami not be the one to announce a new Silent Hill game? Perhaps because a supposed deal between it and Sony means the latter will handle a potential reveal via future PlayStation 5 showcases? That’s what we’ve been hearing, at least, and certainly what Konami seems to be implying. Assuming all of the guesswork up to this point is correct, we could well be getting a sneak peek at Silent Hill‘s long-awaited return sometime later this month, so stay tuned!