L.A. Noire To Receive PS3 Exclusive Content?

It looks as if the PlayStation 3 version of Rockstar’s upcoming release, L.A. Noire, may receive some exclusive content. News has surfaced regarding a listed exclusive case entitled, ‘Consul’s Car Traffic Case.’

Artwork shown on the websites for both Amazon and Gamestop feature the words, “exclusive content,” and, “only on PS3.” Additionally, the Rockstar Network site shows an image that mentions the aforementioned Car Traffic Case. When asked about these images, Rockstar told fans to “look for more details on that coming soon,” via their Twitter account. The game was originally thought to be a PS3 exclusive in its entirety, though it was announced that it would also be coming out for Microsoft’s XBOX 360.

When the game was passed through Britain’s software rating classification board, it was mentioned that it contains over five hours of cutscenes and it received a rating of eighteen.

L.A. Noire is set to release on May 17 in North America and May 20 in the UK on the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360