New Apex Legends Update Finally Fixes One Of The Game’s Biggest Issues

Apex Legends Wattson

Apex Legends players welcomed the battle royale’s latest event to World’s Edge earlier this week.

System Override, similarly to past Collection-type events, brings with it a ton of both purchasable and unlockable cosmetics, with the latter being tied to new limited-time mode, Deja Loot. Keen to try something different this time around, Respawn’s latest experimental playlist does away with random weapon and item spawns and replaces them instead with static loot pools as well as brand new types of equipment. That being the case, good memory goes a long way here, with even drop ship trajectory and circle starting locations only rotating on a daily basis.

Plenty of playable content to digest over the next two weeks, then, but System Override also brings with it a wealth of balance and gameplay adjustments to existing content. We’ve already covered the nerfs and buffs rolled out to Gibraltar, Crypto and Bloodhound respectively, though even if you consider none of the three your main character, you’ll undoubtedly notice another major change introduced.

Following frequent feedback from players, Respawn has finally opted to revisit certain weapon effects and bring them down a notch for ease of use. Keen to test the tweaks, Reddit user mnkymnk has since put together a video comparing old against new, and you can check it out over here. As you can see, muzzle flash on certain weapons has been toned down considerably after the patch, making it markedly easier for players to hit their mark.

In a skill-based game where precision is key, the long-awaited fix will likely be considered overdue by many, though as the always-true adage goes, better late than never. It’s worth noting, however, that not all weapon types have received the same alterations. For obvious reasons, both shotguns and sniper rifles have been left untouched, with mid-range automatic weapons such as the R-301 and Spitfire benefitting most from the cleaner visuals.

System Override is available for Apex Legends now across all platforms and concludes later this month, March 17th. For an overview of everything the event has to offer, see here.