The Latest Crysis 3 Screens Are As Pretty As You’d Expect

Crytek just released a new batch of Crysis 3 screens and concept art, showing off technologically-created beauty that is far from surprising. Honestly, at this point it’s hard for me to even imagine someone who would be shocked by this. While there are valid criticisms of the Crysis franchise, looks have never been one of them. The artistic vision behind the series has always been top notch.

It may seem like hyperbole, but Crytek’s work here seems to surpass the medium, wading dangerously into that “Games As Art” argument. The way they present New York as a city taken back by nature overrun with trees and vines is a thing of beauty for any fan of urban decay.

Check out the gallery below and let us know what you think.

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Chaz Neeler

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