Latest Nintendo Land Trailer Outs New Mini-Games

Nintendo Land was thrust into the limelight today, as its publisher confirmed that the mini-game collection will, in fact, be included with its premium Wii U bundle, and also released a brand new trailer for the game. That video, which is displayed below for your viewing pleasure, is welcomed, because it provides us with a better look at the title’s plethora of Nintendo-themed activities.

Although it shows a lot of previously-announced and demoed mini-games from both of Nintendo Land‘s two categories (solo and multiplayer), the most noteworthy aspect of this promotional development is that it shows three brand new gameplay scenarios: Metroid Blast, Mario Chase and Pikmin Adventure. Not much is known about the listed offerings, but their short gameplay clips show a lot of promise, featuring activities that include running, shooting, grappling and collecting.

After being given the chance to demo Nintendo Land, I find myself looking forward to it. Not only were the short burst games that I played both fun and accessible, they were also well made.

Check out all the new media below.

Source: Joystiq