Latest Pokémon Sword And Shield Event Adds New Gigantamax Pokémon


With the three-month anniversary of Pokémon Sword and Shield‘s launch fast approaching, the majority of Trainers will have undoubtedly already seen their fair share of the Galar region. From humble beginnings in the quaint countryside town of Postwick, millions of aspiring Pokémon Masters have conquered the region’s Champion’s League since November, likely filling countless boxes with ‘Mons in the process.

In order to truly Catch ‘Em All – the controversially culled creatures included with Dexit excluded – and get their hands on the all-important Shiny Charm, players have been sinking countless hours into Galar’s Wild Area. The idyllic natural reserve is home not only to roaming Pokémon but Max Raid Battles. The latter is arguably the first true end-game multiplayer activity (outside competitive battles, at least) that Game Freak has ever introduced to the series and, as of today, there’s a brand new critter confirmed to be lurking in monster dens.

Join us in giving Gigantamax Toxtricity a warm welcome, won’t you?

First revealed by data miners some time ago, Toxtricity’s all-powerful G-Max form has, until now, been unobtainable. From now until March 8th, however, the developer is giving all players the opportunity to encounter and catch the unique electric/poison-type, with two different variations available depending on which version of the Gen 8 games you own. Before heading out on your hunt, however, you’ll need to ensure that the latest update for Sword and Shield has been downloaded, which will automatically refresh the spawn table for your personal Wild Area.

As with all prior Max Raid Battle events, Toxtricity is able to spawn in any Monster Den, so it’s worth checking every active hideout on your map before refreshing the lot for another try. Good luck!

Source: Game Freak