Latest Trailer For Tacoma Takes Us 200,000 Miles Away From Earth


Ever since it was announced back in December 2014, Fullbright’s Tacoma has been shrouded in mystery. With the Gone Home developer not set to release the title until 2017, the newly released E3 trailer does little to clarify the adventure.

In the brief bit of new footage, we are treated to some pretty shots of the player floating through the Lunar Transfer Station Tacoma. In between, we see glimpses of the holograms that can be investigated in order to find out more about the members of the ship that have gone missing. And that’s really about it, as the studio seems content with keeping the story under wraps for the time being.

Considering the fact that we have known of the existence of Tacoma for close to two years now, it’s crazy that so little has leaked out about the game. All we essentially have to go on is the brief plot description released by Fullbright, and considering that they are currently in the midst of “reworking” the title, who knows how much of that is still accurate.

Explore the abandoned Lunar Transfer Station Tacoma and gain control of its augmented reality systems to discover the truth behind what happened to its crew, and the powerful artificial intelligence that you’ve been sent to recover.

As a fan of Gone Home, which is currently free through PlayStation+ if you haven’t played it yet, I’m already interested in Tacoma. While the news that the studio is retooling the project is troublesome, I’m sure they have their reasons for the drastic changes. Hopefully, we will hear more about what they’ve got planned over the coming months.

Tacoma is currently scheduled to launch for Xbox One and Windows PC in 2017.

Source: Kotaku