Laugh At These Mario Kart 8 & Mercedes-Benz Japan Ads


Nintendo, Mario Kart 8 and Mercedes-Benz Japan have combined to form a promotional partnership for the ages. As in, a collaboration that will forever live on the Internet and be laughed at for many years to come. That’s the point, though, and the companies are evidently in on the gag.

After an ad that gave 8-bit Mario a jumping Mercedes hit the web not long ago, Mercedes-Benz Japan set to work on more outlandish, Nintendo-themed promos. Now, after what was surely a challenging wait for fans of the first one, two more have emerged to see the light of day, bringing with them a pissed off Mario, a sexy Peach and a giddy Luigi. If I said more about them I’d ruin the fun, so I’ll stop and let you enjoy them for yourselves.

Oh, and before I forget, remember that this is not only an effort to promote real-life vehicles, but also a PSA that aims to entice gamers to purchase Mario Kart 8‘s first notable add-on, which is set to release this week.