League Of Legends News!

Riot has announced two new large-scale changes that will be added into League Of Legends this week. The first is a new champion. Stitch (also known as Experiment 626) will be joining the league. For more information on that, please go to The League Of Legends Homepage.

The second is a patch note concerning summoner skills and changes that will be added to the game. I’ll actually explain this one, so no need to head to the main site.

The first change is a nerf on two summoner skills. Clairvoyance will now have an increased cool-down time. This will ensure that people use it more tactically. The second change is that flash is also getting a nerf. It will include reduced range and higher cool-down time. This is probably to incorporate it as more of a skill that allows players to hop over walls than avoid a death gank.

Two summoner skills will also be removed. Rally, and Fortify. I’ll hold my tongue on the Fortify bit.

Finally, two summoner spells will be added. A version of Rally that incorporates it as an aura around a player for a few seconds. The second spell is a remake of promote that will have limitations placed on it so it doesn’t end up like the original promote.

With all these changes, League of Legends is sure looking to be different come tournament season two. Here’s hoping they finally buff TF. The poor sod hasn’t seen a buff since beta.