Resident Evil 8 Will Reportedly Have Three Playable Characters


Assuming the avalanche of Resident Evil 8 leaks over the last few weeks hold true, fans of the long-running survival horror franchise are due to get their first official look at the sequel within a matter of days. Sony’s long-awaited PlayStation 5 reveal event has long been rumored to be playing host to the latest chapter in Capcom’s beloved series and now, following a whole lot of patience and one short-term delay, the date has been confirmed.

As always, we can’t stress enough that all of the above remains purely speculative until either developer or platform holder says otherwise and considering neither party will have any interest in spoiling the surprise, we won’t know for sure if Resident Evil 8 is truly part of the show until it kicks off tomorrow, June 11th. While we collectively count down the hours until then, however, prolific leaker AestheticGamer has shared several further details on the franchise’s eighth installment, this time with a particular focus on the game’s protagonists.

Relaying the latest news to followers on Twitter, they say:

I guess I should mention this, though Ethan is the main playable character of RE8, RE8 has three playable characters. I kinda already shared this months ago in a roundabout way; as Revelations 3, RE8 had three playable protagonists. However I’ve had it confirmed a few times now that the final game of RE8 retains the three playable protagonist aspect. From how I heard it, you play about 50-60% of the game as Ethan, 30-40% as the secondary protagonist, and about 10% of the game as the third one. For those curious.

Exciting stuff, no doubt, though we’re curious as to the identity of Ethan’s co-stars. Chris Redfield has repeatedly been rumored to be playing a major role, of course, making him a likely candidate, but what of the third? That spot could be filled by yet another returning character from entries past or an entirely new creation, so I wouldn’t even care to guess. With any luck, though, we’ll find out tomorrow.

Resident Evil 8 is rumored to be in development for next-gen consoles with an early 2021 release window.