Leaked footage from ‘The Last of Us’ set raises a few eyebrows

The Last of Us on HBO
The Last of Us/IMDb

New footage from the set of The Last of Us circulating online has fans wondering what or how much of the apocalypse the show is going to depict.

The Last of Us has been filming for some time, and this week saw producer Craig Mazin and his crew working on one of the more intense action sequences involving a large group of crew members and extras. In one of the leaked clips from the set, we can hear a crowd chanting “freedom!” and “f—k Fedra!” which could hint at a skirmish between Fireflies and FEDRA or the Federal Disaster Response Agency.

In the games, FEDRA is one of the last branches of the government controlling the quarantine zones and what remains of the United States military. The Fireflies are another antagonistic faction in the game, with whom Joel and Ellie have numerous run-ins throughout The Last of Us.

When the Fireflies rise in numbers and revolt against FEDRA in Pittsburgh, they manage to overthrow the official authorities and reclaim the city. When Ellie and Joel pass through the urban area, however, they encounter the successors of these rogue rebels, known as the Hunters.

Going by this footage, though, it seems that The Last of Us might include flashback sequences to the conflict between the two factions. Unless this is from the present day, and instead of showing us the aftermath of said conflict, the show is instead opting to depict the two groups warring as Ellie and Joel pass through the city on their journey.

I guess we’ll find out one way or another when the series makes its way to HBO next year, but given the fact that this re-telling is being produced for a completely different medium, we should all go in expecting a few changes here and there to accommodate the live-action formula.