Leaked Hitman Footage Features 10 Minutes Of Early Gameplay


Following a successful debut at E3 last month, 10 minutes of alpha gameplay from Hitman has surfaced online.

In traditional Hitman style, the footage features Agent 47 on a mission to take out two different targets. Dressed in his finest waiter disguise, we see the titular assassin sneak into a swanky restaurant in order to reach his victims. Over the course of the clip, 47 tears through several costumes as necessary, as well as uses an assortment of weapons, some of which are picked up during the mission.

Of course, since this is still alpha footage, it does not represent the final version that gamers will get their hands on come the end of the year. The animation looks rough, and the graphics are less than stellar. The clip also states that it “may contain placeholder assets.”

While the footage may be rough, yes, I’m still excited by what’s shown here. I’m all for making Agent 47 dress up on in different costumes, so right off the bat, I was already happy with the video. Although not representative of the final product, this clip does appear to feature that classic Hitman gameplay that was missing from the last full-fledged release in the franchise, Absolution, which is also a plus.

Hitman is set to launch on December 8 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC. However, it will not be a full release, but rather a limited one, with additional content launching over the following months. You can read more about Square Enix’s plan for the game right here.