Leaked PlayStation 5 Photos Tease Cool Customization

PlayStation 5

Love it or hate it, there’s no denying that Sony’s latest and greatest creation has a striking design.

For the first time in three generations, the PlayStation 5 will be ditching the usual black for a pearly white exterior, sporting two plates that encapsulate its more petite interior. While we’ve yet to learn of the inevitable three-figure sum gamers will need to drop in order to pick up their own PS5 later this year, several details describing the box’s specifications have emerged from third-party sources ever since the console’s grand reveal back in June.

We know, for example, that the plus-sized hardware will weigh considerably more than its predecessor (but less than the PS3), though if today’s developments are any indication, owners could well be able to eschew some of that excess if they so wish by removing individual parts. Images supplies by Wario64 over on Twitter certainly make a good case for the PS5 having interchangeable plates, at least. The user recently shared the following photos, along with the caption:

“Some pics of the PlayStation 5 shell (added official PS5 photo for comparison).”

Assuming suspicions become reality and the PS5’s outer shell can be customized, it’ll mark the first instance of a Sony-owned console allowing as such (you know, without voiding a warranty). Microsoft, of course, famously allowed owners of the original Xbox 36o to swap the standard vanilla white faceplate with any design they so wished – a welcome layer of personalization sadly omitted from the Xbox One and, seemingly, Series X, too.

But what do you think, dear reader? Is something arguably as superfluous as swapping a piece of plastic for one of a different color a selling point, or will your PlayStation 5 being immediately entombed under the TV set make the prospect wholly irrelevant? Sound off in the usual place below!