Leaked Poster Suggests New Sonic In 2015


We’re now two games into Nintendo and SEGA’s three-game exclusivity agreement for the Sonic series, and so far the results haven’t exactly been stellar. Despite one entry remaining in the trio, it appears as if SEGA may already be looking beyond the ill-fated Nintendo pairing, if a recently leaked poster is to be believed.

The leak comes via Spindash, a German Sonic fan site (don’t worry, I was shocked that such a thing exists too) that visited and photo-blogged the recent International Toy Fair. The poster details forthcoming “New Games” and “New Shows” in the Sonic universe, with “New 2015 title TBA” listed beneath two already-released titles. The curious bit is that the new game is clearly marked as a multi-platform release. It’s not currently clear whether or not the third game in the Nintendo deal is being abandoned, has lost exclusivity, or something else. Maybe it simply hasn’t been announced, and this poster ignores it for some reason.

Despite Spindash’s assertion that “the interest of the manufacturer to Sonic seems to be down again,” I was actually pretty impressed by the number of Sonic toys that managed to find their way to the festival. Everything from action figures, to stickers, and even higher-quality mounted figurines was on display, and as a mere casual Sonic fan it all seems like more than anybody could ever want. That said, I imagine the folks at Spindash are more than “mere casual Sonic fans.”

For now that’s all the info we have on the supposed new Sonic game, but given its 2015 projected release, there’s bound to be more info that will crop up in the coming year. As long as the new entry is an improvement over Sonic: Lost World, then I’ll be plenty pleased.