Learn About Combat With EA’s Latest Dragon Age: Inquisition Video


Today, EA debuted a new, combat-focused trailer for Dragon Age: Inquisition. Its goal: To show off and thoroughly explain just how tactical, thought-provoking and challenging the upcoming RPG’s battles will be.

Like its predecessors, Dragon Age: Inquisition will be a tough game. Battles against hordes of regular foes won’t be easy, and that’s even more true of battles against gigantic dragons and the like. Then again, that shouldn’t come as a surprise to those who are familiar with this series and the old-school RPGs that inspired its creation. If you aren’t smart in the way that you approach each conflict scenario, then it’s likely that you’ll be facing game over screens with regularity.

Unlike the lengthy walkthrough videos that came before it, this most recent trailer is all about combat and nothing more. A lot of its content is also old news, to be honest, but it exceeds as a result of its cohesion. Now, instead of having to sit and watch over thirty minutes of gameplay to check out the combat in Inquisition, you can simply take a short break and watch this two-and-a-half minute tutorial. And, by doing so, you’ll get a good idea of how the game’s familiar time-pausing mechanic will allow players to not only drink potions and organize their skills, but direct party members’ attention and give out intricate orders.

Dragon Age: Inquisition will now launch on November 18, after being delayed from its previous, early October release date. It’s a day I have circled on my mental calendar, too, because I cannot wait to get my hands on this game. So far, my summer has been filled with ventures into the Fade and beyond in Dragon Age: Origins – a time sink that became a sort of addiction.