Valve Sources Reportedly Confirm Left 4 Dead 3 Rumors


Yesterday, Dota 2 subReddit users reportedly caught a glimpse of  multiple listings on a projects screen that mentioned the unannounced Left 4 Dead 3 while touring the Valve offices in Seattle. Naturally, pictures were snapped, uploaded, and spread around the internet as rapidly as one might expect. Today, Nathan Grayson of Rock, Paper, Shotgun has verified through several anonymous sources close to Valve that picture was indeed real.

Though not as concrete as an official press release, Left 4 Dead 3 does indeed appear to be currently in development, and it looks to be using Valve’s long-awaited Source 2 engine — which was confirmed to exist by co-founder Gabe Newell last November.

In even less concrete (but no less intriguing) news, one of RPS’s sources was quick to point to a report from last year that revealed the existence of the rabidly sought after Half-Life 3 alongside Left 4 Dead 3, Source 2, and several smaller projects. While that piece of information would be better suited to carry the “rumor” label, any remote sign of progress that leaks out from the  still-under-wraps Half-Life 3 story is worthy of sitting up and taking notice of.

Half-Life 3 rumors aside, signs of life from its co-op zombie-horde navigating cousin are exciting in their own right. At this point, we know nothing official about Left 4 Dead 3. Assuming the sources are correct, all we know right now is that it’s (probably) in development at the moment and will (probably) be the first game to use the fancy new Source 2 engine.

Also, there will be zombies. Far too many zombies… If there even is such a thing.

We’ll have any updates on Left 4 Dead 3 and that other series as they appear. Knowing Valve, it’ll be a while, so don’t hold your breath.