More Lengthy Battlefield 3 Multiplayer Videos Enter Bootcamp

Courtesy of YourGamingTeam, we now have some more lengthy Battlefield 3 multiplayer footage for you to peruse. Two videos in fact, each with full narration and individual run-times of around fifteen minutes. That’s enough time to show quite a bit and they do just that, with on-foot combat, tank gameplay, physical manoeuvres over obstacles and even some repairing using the new tool. Plus, there’s also an in-depth look at the class customization and options screens, which will certainly please those who like to micromanage their classes and settings.

All of the footage is running off of the PC version of the game and looks phenomenal. If you weren’t excited about this one before, then you certainly will be now. It’s been at the top of my must buy list for a while and its place has certainly become cemented there by this footage.

Take a look below and let us know what you think in the comments.