Lighten Up Your Life With Some Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Comedy


Since he’s rarely given a chance to be the man, Mario’s lanky brother Luigi has resorted to becoming larger than life in his own personal dream world. In that state of unconscious grandeur, the green-clad plumber is able to step away from his portly brother’s shadow, and has developed an ego as a result. At least, that’s what the latest trailer for Mario & Luigi: Dream Team shows us, amidst its colourful and creative gameplay segments.

The role-playing game, which happens to be set for an August 11th release date on the good old Nintendo 3DS, predominantly takes place within Luigi’s dreams. That’s why the above-mentioned ego is so important. Furthermore, it’s also worth mentioning that Luigi’s sleep patterns (and ego) have riled Bowser up, because Princess Peach has seemingly gone missing thanks to someone else’s doing for once. Cue the unconscious drama!

Here’s the aptly titled Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Comedy Trailer, so that there’s proof that I’m not just writing nonsense or fan fiction.