Los Santos Has Never Looked Better In New Screenshots For Grand Theft Auto V On Current-Gen


When you combine the new first-person mode with the revamped graphics and the immense amount of new content, it’s almost as if Grand Theft Auto V for PS4, Xbox One and PC is an entirely new game.

Featuring no less than one hundred new radio songs, more wildlife to hunt to your heart’s desire and the fact that the studio has overhauled the interiors of vehicles to go along with that aforementioned new perspective, it seems Rockstar has pulled no punches when it came to bringing their critically adorned, billion-dollar baby to a new generation.

And so, ahead of Grand Theft Auto V‘s arrival on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, the esteemed publisher has unveiled a hoard of new images for the game’s bombastic online mode. In fact, for those who switch over from previous-gen systems, Rockstar has confirmed that online progress can be carried over; meaning you won’t lose any of those precious Reputation Points as you transition from one generation to the next.

Unfortunately, the long-awaited addition of multiplayer heists is still nowhere to be seen. Still, fans of the blockbuster series can look forward to Grand Theft Auto V‘s current-gen debut when the game launches for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on November 18th. PC owners will have to wait until January, but hey, the re-release supports 4K on that particular platform.

In the meantime, you can feast your eyes on some of those visual improvements in the gallery below.

Here’s a comprehensive list of those new additions:

Seamless integration of new First Person Mode in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online including fully customizable controls, targeting, FOV and more.

New first-person cockpit views for vehicles, with fully re-modeled interiors, including working speedometers, gas dials, radio and instrument panel lighting.

Increased resolution at 1080p at 30fps, 4K compatible for PC.

More than double the draw distance.

New depth of field effects.

High resolution textures.

Over 150 new songs plus new DJ mixes and talk radio.

Dynamically adaptive depth of field.

Increased particle effects quality and number of particle effects rendered on-screen at once.

Improved wind dynamics for clothing, flags, foliage, trees and more.

More realistic fluid dynamics

Improved weather effects

Improved damage effects

Volumetric light pollution.

3x number of light sources from 360/PS3.

Vehicles from GTA Online Updates now form part of the ambient vehicle population for increased vehicle diversity across the entire world.

Vehicles and weapons from all 11 free GTA Online updates are available in Story Mode from day one

New land and sea animals.

Animals in the world now have soft fur.