Ex-LucasArts Employee Says Star Wars 1313 Was The Mandalorian Game We Never Got


Having established itself as one of the most authentic Star Wars adventures since the Original Trilogy, The Mandalorian, despite only being in its second season, already has a legion of followers. So popular has the show become, in fact, that it stands head and shoulders above any other content available on the House of Mouse’s Disney Plus streaming platform, with millions tuning in each week to see what fate awaits Mando and Grogu (AKA Baby Yoda).

As a welcome addition to modern pop culture, then, it’s hardly surprising that fans of other forms of entertainment besides television are eager to see the series branch out, particularly to video games. Earlier this week, in fact, God of War director Cory Barlog voiced his desire to witness a studio take on such a project, in turn describing how the source material (grand adventures, upgrading armor and completing bounties, to name just a few) already serves as the perfect formula for an interactive experience.

Whether EA – as license holder of the Star Wars IP in the medium – will see fit to deliver on those wishes remains to be seen, of course, but according to ex-LucasArts employee Celia Hodent, one ill-fated title cancelled several years ago would have essentially scratched that very same itch.

An unfortunate casualty of the Disney/Lucasfilm merger back in 2012, Star Wars 1313 had, at the time, been in active development and starred none other than bounty hunter Boba Fett as he explored the seedy underbelly of Coruscant in order to uncover a criminal conspiracy. Responding to Barlog’s aforementioned comments, Hodent shared an image of 1313 accompanied by the words “we tried…,” essentially implying that LucasArts would have delivered what we’ve all been asking for, had it only been given the chance.

Alas, some things just aren’t meant to be, but who knows what the future holds? After all, Disney and EA will no doubt be well aware of the potential success that a tie-in game based on The Mandalorian could be.

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