Magic: The Gathering Arena Is Giving Away 1,000 Free Deck Codes

Magic the Gathering

Collectable card games aren’t exactly renowned for their accessibility and Magic: The Gathering is certainly no exception. With a history spanning more than three decades, newcomers face the daunting task of learning countless keywords, mechanics, interactions and, of course, the biggest kicker of all – actually getting the cards to make a viable deck.

Thankfully, Wizards of the Coast is acutely aware of the usually high barrier to entry and is giving away 1,000 free decks. Should you be one of the lucky numbers to win (details to come), however, your prize won’t be arriving in the mail. No, this competition strictly pertains to MTG Arena, Wizards’ long-awaited foray into digital CCGs. The developer has teamed up with PC Gamer for the code distribution and you need only supply a valid email address (link below) to enter the draw.

Should your name be pulled out of the hat, you’ll receive an email containing a code to be redeemed on Arena that unlocks a full 60-card deck.

Chandra’s Blaze is a mono-red deck that aims to take control of the board with powerful early game aggression. Using big-statted dragons, cheap burn spells and the fiery Planeswalker Chandra, Flame’s Fury, your goal is to run the opponent out of health and defences before they’re given a chance to stabilize. Aggro is a popular archetype in most card games due to its ability to close out games quickly, though struggles to maintain that pressure beyond the first few turns.

Seasoned Magic: The Gathering players will assuredly be well equipped to deal with Chandra’s Blaze, but it’s a solid starting point, no doubt. Entry into the giveaway closes later today, so you’ve got just a few hours to participate. Good luck!