Magic: The Gathering Leaks Reveal Unexpected Reprint For Commander Legends

magic the gathering

Wizards of the Coast has yet to officially reveal any of the cards contained in Magic: The Gathering‘s upcoming Commander Legends, and if it doesn’t hurry, there may not be any left to show.

While the set, the first-ever Commander expansion designed to be drafted, isn’t due to arrive for another month, some fans have managed to get their hands on the product ahead of launch and, unsurprisingly, have been steadily leaking its contents online. The individual(s) responsible has been uploading images depicting various Commander Legends cards to several sites, including Amino, the latest batch of which confirms the return of an incredibly rare (and old) card originally printed way back in 1997’s Tempest.

To save you from having to take endless stabs in the dark in order to guess the card in question, we’ve provided images of the original Scroll Rack and its reprint below.

As is the case for many old and powerful cards, Scroll Rack has been reprinted as a Mythic Rare, meaning you’ll need to crack a fair few packs in order to have a good chance of finding one. It’s worth noting, too, that the version seen above is a so-called showcase variant, borderless cards found exclusively in premium-priced Collector Boosters. While the cost has no doubt already dropped in light of today’s revelation, sales of Scroll Rack on the secondary market have recently reached as high as $90, a price demanded by its scarcity and playability in multiple Eternal formats, including Commander, Legacy and Vintage.

Folks eager to check out previous leaks can do so by heading over here. As for those with the ability to exercise patience, you’ll have to wait until next month, November 19th, for Magic: The Gathering‘s final set launch of 2020 to arrive in stores. Good luck!