Magic: The Gathering Reveals New Mythic Rares For Zendikar Rising

magic the gathering

Magic: The Gathering‘s final Standard set release of 2020 is just weeks away and, as usual, Wizards of the Coast is building hype ahead of launch with a slew of card previews.

As the name suggests, Zendikar Rising will see players return to the plane’s ever-shifting landscape and, due to its overtly magical nature, they can expect to get their hands on a ton of devastating new Sorceries and lands, some of which will feature brand new keywords. As for today’s reveals, however, all three of these monstrously powerful Mythic Rares come printed with mechanics that longtime fans will be immediately familiar with. Blue and white decks are the focus of these particular spoilers and you can find all of the relevant information on each down below.

  • Sea Gate Stormcaller
  • Angel of Destiny
  • Emeria’s Call // Emeria, Shattered Skyclave

While it’s impossible to evaluate the playable nature of any card in a vacuum, Sea Gate Stormcaller seems the most likely to become a staple inclusion in decks of its respective color. Kicker has proven to be a strong keyword in past set releases which, when paired with spell duplication opens up the possibility for game-winning combos. Angel of Destiny’s win condition, on the other hand, shouldn’t be overlooked, especially if more healing support cards accompany it.

Last but not least is Emeria’s Call. Undoubtedly the most creative of the three, this Sorcery, while expensive and borderline useless in an aggro-oriented metagame, can also be played as a mono-colored white land. The trade-off for this flexibility is the requirement to pay 3 life – instead of the usual 2 for shock lands – in order to have Shattered Skyclave enter the battlefield untapped. Will the card’s dual-purpose be enough for it to see play? We’ll just have to wait and see, but in the meantime, be sure to let us know what you think of today’s previews in the usual place below!

Magic: The Gathering – Zendikar Rising is out September 17th for Arena and a week later for tabletop.