Magic: The Gathering Reveals Rare Land Variants For Core 2021

Magic: The Gathering

With less than a week to go until Magic: The Gathering‘s latest set starts rolling out across the collectable card game’s various formats, Wizards of the Coast has finally exhausted its supply of card spoilers. Indeed, all 397 cards in the impressively-sized Core 2021 are now known among the Magic community, though as always, it won’t be until at least a few weeks post-launch that a newly-established metagame is agreed upon.

It’s in this relatively short window that decks are at their most experimental phase, making each match wildly more unpredictable than the status quo that follows. There’s only so many times, after all, that one can compete against yet another green/black Lurrus deck for the umpteenth time without losing any and all enthusiasm to play. Fortunately, Wizards is well aware of the necessity to keep things feeling fresh on a regular basis and not just with hundreds of creatures and sorceries.

Rare lands are a staple in Magic across all formats, and while Core 2021 doesn’t contain anything as wild as, say, last year’s Field of the Dead, fans of Scry Lands will be happy to hear of their return, alongside a couple of other surprises. As you’ll have no doubt already seen via the gallery above, another printing of Fabled Passage has been issued which, while largely redundant right now, means it’ll stick around long after Throne of Eldraine‘s version rotates out of Standard. Finally, there’s Animal Sanctuary. This one’s a brand new addition and has the potential to become a mainstay of mono-green decks.

Core 2021 releases next week, June 25th, for Magic: The Gathering Arena and a week later for tabletop. Already decided what deck you’ll be playing when the set drops?  Let us know in the usual place below!