Magic: The Gathering Reveals Returning Planeswalkers For Double Masters

Magic: The Gathering

Following on from the short taster provided earlier this year for Magic: The Gathering‘s upcoming Double Masters expansion, Wizards of the Coast has today officially kicked off preview season by revealing two additions to the set.

We’ll refrain from labelling either of these powerful Planeswalkers as new, however, as both are reprints from past releases, though you’d be hard pushed to find anyone bemoaning either character’s return. Sentient artefact Karn and the incredibly powerful mind-mage, Jace, are both confirmed to be making their long-awaited return and will surely be a welcome sight for those perturbed by the high price both cards fetch on the secondary market. And without further ado, you can check out the reprints of both for yourselves in the gallery down below.

Interestingly, Wizards has opted to keep art for both cards identical to those found in previous Masters sets and War of the Spark, though Karn, as is custom for most Mythic Rares in the age of collectors boxes and VIP Editions, has an alternate full art variant that you could pull, assuming luck is on your side. It’s somewhat surprising, then, that Jace hasn’t received the same treatment, a decision, according to Double Masters art director Tom Jenkot, that’s simply the result of Jason Chan’s original being that good.

This set is full of amazing cards with AMAZING art. After I was assigned Double Masters, I kept asking myself: how do I beat Jason Chan’s version of Jace? With this one in particular, I decided not to. And it looks amazing borderless!

Double Masters releases August 6th for Magic: The Gathering Online and for Arena and tabletop one day later. For a summary of every card revealed so far, see here.

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