Magic: The Gathering Reveals A Ton Of New Cards For Zendikar Rising

Magic: the Gathering

Wizards of the Coast has revealed yet another batch of cards for Magic: The Gathering‘s upcoming Zendikar Rising set, this time with an emphasis on some of the abundantly available cards that players are likely to find in packs. Common and uncommons might make up the bulk of a booster’s 16-card (token included) contents and while some are almost certainly filler, many are just as integral to constructing a top-tier deck as the generally more powerful and scarce Mythic rares.

A prime example of that is newly-revealed mono black card Feed the Swarm, which not only serves as a potent single-target creature removal spell (similarly to staple sorceries such as Murder) but another, more sought-after secondary ability that the archetype traditionally has restricted access to. Feed the Swarm can completely remove enchantment effects from the battlefield as well as creatures for just two mana (1 black; 1 of any type), making it both inexpensive and flexible.

As for the other cards revealed alongside black’s new favorite toy, check out the gallery below for a miscellaneous collection of cards from other colors.

There’s nothing else particularly noteworthy in this latest batch, then, though Broken Wings does stand out as an interesting alternative to green’s frequently reprinted Plummet sorcery. For one additional mana over the latter, Broken Wings allows the user to target not just creatures with flying, but enchantments and artifacts, too. Last but not least are several cards that utilize Zendikar Rising‘s ‘Party’ mechanic to gain additional benefits. Triggering these abilities requires that a deck contain at least one each of a cleric, rogue, warrior and wizard creature spell.

Magic: The Gathering – Zendikar Rising is out September 17th for Arena and one week later for tabletop. See here for our coverage of previous teasers.