Magic: The Gathering Previews For Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Include New Double-Faced Dragon

Innistrad: Midnight Hunt is the newest expansion set for Magic: The Gathering, releasing this month. The latest exclusive preview cards from ComicBook feature an egg that transforms into a dragon and a fun reprint that we haven’t seen since 2011. While the new set focuses primarily on werewolves, these previews reveal surprises for lovers of traditional Magic tropes: summoning dragons and drawing cards! Let’s take a look!

Smoldering Egg is the front side of the new double-faced dragon. A 0/4 defender for two mana sounds underwhelming, but this one hatches after you cast a few instant or sorcery spells. Fans of former tournament powerhouse Thing In The Ice will recognize the power smoldering inside this red egg.

Once you’ve cast seven mana worth of Instants and Sorceries and put seven ember counters on the Smoldering Egg, you are rewarded with Ashmouth Dragon. A 4/4 flying reptile already does great work, but this one also throws two damage at any target every time you cast an instant or sorcery spell. Hopefully, you have more to cast after transforming your egg.

The last card from ComicBook’s exclusive preview is a reprint, but it fits right into a blue-red Ashmouth Dragon deck. Check it, and all the other cards revealed today, out in the gallery above.

Vivisection was originally printed in 2011’s Mirrodin Besieged, where it got lost in the shuffle of Infect cards and powerful decks featuring small birds carrying large swords. But with the abundance of zombie tokens and creatures with Decayed (that will die quickly anyway), sacrificing a creature to draw three cards could be a much more enticing deal. Everyone loves drawing cards!

Innistrad: Midnight Hunt goes live on Magic: The Gathering Arena and Magic Online on September 16, with in-person prerelease events starting September 17 and regular sales on September 24.