Magic: The Gathering Reveals New 2021 Starter Kits

Magic The Gathering Rarity

Anyone looking for new avenues of tabletop entertainment and not already familiar with Magic: The Gathering now has more reason than ever to get stuck in. As it does every year, Wizards of the Coast has revealed a starter kit bundle for the card game aimed squarely at enticing newcomers into the fold, and it contains everything one needs to get off the ground running.

Beginning August 6th. physical and digital retailers will start stocking the product, which includes two decks, one for you; another for a friend. As for what’s in the box, two foil cards: Cyclone Summoner and Dragonsguard Elite are the headline attractions, both of which are accompanied by 59 other cards each intended to synergize with their abilities. Collectors already familiar with the Multiverse and its denizens can pick up the kit, too, of course, and at less than $6, could be the perfect option for those looking to revamp or build new Commander decks.

If digital is more your thing, each kit comes with additional codes to unlock both decks in MTG: Arena, the contents of which can be used at your leisure.

As for the wider world of Magic: The Gathering, Adventures in the Forgotten Realms, a full expansion based on Dungeons & Dragons, is available now and features art as well as mechanics inspired by the iconic RPG. The most notable addition here is dungeon cards – multi-stage quests that reward the user’s exploration with various buffs during each match. For more information on that, as well as some accompanying sorceries and creatures intended which help to grant you access in these dangerous locales, hit the respective links.