A Major Marvel Villain May Be Coming To Fortnite In Future Crossover Event

Fortnite season 10

Fortnite sure does love its crossovers.

Since launch a few years back, the battle royale’s explosive popularity has seen it play host to a number of spectacular limited-time events. From films to comic books and everything in-between, Epic Games has secured a wild number of collaborative projects in Fortnite‘s short – relatively speaking – lifespan, the most recent of which saw DC’s Batman and Gotham City itself take a detour to Battle Island.

Marvel’s Avengers, John Wick and Borderlands 3 are just a sample of the delights that preceded the Dark Knight’s cameo and by the looks of it, Epic could already be planning its next venture. Fortnite creative director Donald Mustard recently updated his Twitter profile with a new banner image and fans think the change is a cheeky hint for yet another partnership with Marvel.

Yes, that’s none other than supervillain Doctor Doom, but how does an unassuming picture such as that point towards an upcoming crossover? Well, Mustard has a notable track record for teasing future content updates for Fortnite via his social media pages and this wouldn’t be the first time that his seemingly innocent edit had an ulterior motive behind it. There is, of course, every chance that Mustard is simply proclaiming his love and adoration for the Fantastic Four’s iconic nemesis and Marvel in general though, so we’re still very much in the realms of speculation at this point.

Regardless, should Fortnite truly be invaded by Doctor Doom in the future, it’s highly unlikely that we’d see his menacing metal mug show up until Batman has been bid farewell. That is, of course, unless Epic plans to use its game as the staging ground for a DC vs. Marvel showdown. Now wouldn’t that be an occasion worth getting excited about?