Man Loses $500,000 Worth Of Video Games After Mom Throws Them Out

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A New York resident has learned firsthand the dangers of using their parents’ home as a free storage locker.

The deeply unfortunate soul, an employee of video game outlet J&L Game, has described in a lengthy (and now deleted) Twitter thread how a recent trip to see their folks ended in total disaster. Prefacing the anecdote by stating jokingly that “people are gonna die,” the man continues to say: “I just found out my mom a few years ago threw out ALL my PS1 games. 500+ games half still sealed. I am going to kill somebody.”

According to the unnamed individual, their entire collection – presumably now little more than mulched plastic in a landfill – was worth in the region of $500,000 and had been safely collecting dust in a room somewhere prior to this unfortunate incident. In addition to the large quantity of sealed product, the man lists off a long inventory of consoles which were also dumped, including an Atari, Coleco, Intelli, Famicom, Super Famicom, TGfx, PCE, NG AES, Mega Drive (Genesis) and Master System.

To add insult to injury, several other possessions, including “two Marshall stacks, 14 pedals, drum kit, board” and an indeterminate number of skateboards were bagged and chucked away.

As of writing, it’s not entirely clear why the out-of-pocket gentleman decided to delete their complaint on social media, though it nevertheless serves as a powerful reminder to anyone reading to ensure that your belongings, especially when they’re this valuable, are well secured. At an absolute minimum, anything of worth left behind at a parent’s home upon moving out should be marked as such, or else you too could find yourself in a similar situation to this poor chap.

For what it’s worth, our advice would be to either make room for such items or bite the bullet and pony up some cash to rent an actual storage unit.

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