March Will Henceforth Be Known As Silent Hill Month

This March is going to be a month full of nightmarish dreams, disturbing imagery and grotesque visualizations. Why, you ask? Konami has decided to turn it into the month of Silent Hill.

Staying true to its word, the company has made an official announcement regarding its three upcoming survival horror releases. Each one has received a new release date. Let’s hope they stick, considering the fact that two of them have already been delayed at least one time each.

The first one to release will be the Silent Hill HD Collection, which combines Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill 3 into one visually upgraded package. It was just pushed back from a scheduled January 24 release, which marked the set’s second delay. Now, we can expect to revisit classic nightmares on March 6.

Next, we’ll see one of my most anticipated games hit retail shelves. Available on March 13, Silent Hill: Downpour will bring water-filled nightmares to the PS3 and Xbox 360. Having spent twenty minutes with this title already, I’m not afraid to expect it to be great.

Lastly, there’s Silent Hill: Book of Memories. The Vita exclusive survival horror jaunt will launch on March 27.

Below, you will find a set of six new screenshots from the fog and liquid-filled world of Silent Hill: Downpour:

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