Marvel At The Fluidity Of Battlefield 4’s Multiplayer In These New Gameplay Clips


Much like they did in 2011, DICE’s illustrious series will duke it out with Activision’s Call of Duty for FPS supremacy this coming November. Acting as the fourth numerical release in the former franchise, Battlefield 4 has recently entered Beta testing in order to gauge the game’s online infrastructure. Thankfully for those of us outside the select few, footage of the game’s multiplayer has appeared on YouTube, which was captured using Battlefield 4‘s brand new Spectator Mode.

Check out the clips for yourself below courtesy of JackFrags and Shosho10199:

While EA and DICE don’t necessarily show off the groundbreaking spectacle we’ve come to expect, these clips are tailored more to present Battlefield 4’s aforementioned Spectator Mode. This feature is a new addition to the series and will allow players to control their in-game soldiers from a third-person perspective. Stripped of a HUD and the typically omnipresent crosshairs, Spectator Mode will grant users with the ability to observe the map in either first, third-person or from an eye-in-the-sky styled viewpoint entitled Table Top mode. And while this doesn’t exactly tear up the rule book, the novel mode will incorporate a fresh dynamic into the familiar online blueprint.

Another clip also surfaced on the community’s radar, which highlights the brute force of EA’s much hyped Frostbite 3 engine. Here we get to see the true extent of online destruction that the studio are aiming for courtesy of a falling skyscraper which, excusing the popping textures and minor bugs – the game is still in Beta, after all – is rendered incredibly well for an online environment.

Ultimately, EA and DICE are hoping to create the most versatile multiplayer experience possible, and judging by the clips above, Battlefield 4 may prove to be the franchise’s most entertaining theatre of war yet.

Tell us, which clip did you like best? Indeed will you take up arms and purchase DICE’s shooter when it’s released on October 29th in North America (November 1st for Europe)? Give us your thoughts in the comments below.