The Internet Is Roasting The New Marvel’s Avengers Gameplay

Marvel's Avengers

After what has certainly felt like an excessively long period of silence, Marvel’s Avengers developer Crystal Dynamics finally unveiled some new gameplay for the action-RPG this week, though so far, at least, fan reactions haven’t exactly given them cause to celebrate. Two trailers, one a cinematic affair focused on narrative and the other on further showcasing combat, were released yesterday and it’s the latter, in particular, that’s gone down like a led balloon with audiences on social media.

The crux of the issue, it seems, is a noticeable lack of gameplay variety on show with Thor, who has demanded much of the spotlight in previous demos. Here, he’s largely reduced to routinely pummeling several waves of identical-looking enemies with his iconic hammer. Speaking of which, the lack of audible clout whenever the Thunder God swings Mjolnir continues to be a sticking point for many and critics certainly aren’t pulling any punches in letting Crystal know of their disappointment.

Check out just some of the reactions below:

Others have gone into specific detail in regards to Marvel’s Avengers‘ apparent shortcomings, with a lack of impact or variety in combat once again being the primary point of contention.

Not exactly the overwhelming hype that Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix have likely been banking on generating with these latest teasers, then, but it can’t hurt to remain optimistic. There is, after all, several months still to go until the ambitious title finally makes it to retail, meaning there’s still plenty of time left to add some all-important polish.

Marvel’s Avengers is out September 4th for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC and Stadia as well as next-gen consoles, with those that own the game on current-gen able to upgrade free of charge. See here for all the details.