Watch: Marvel’s Avengers Reveals Kate Bishop Gameplay And Release Date


Marvel’s Avengers fans eagerly awaiting even the slightest hint of post-launch content for the beleaguered live service title have finally been rewarded for their patience.

After breaking a long period of silence over on Twitter yesterday to announce the good news, developer Crystal Dynamics has just released a video dedicated to showcasing Kate Bishop. As for what those who tune in can expect to see, an overview of the character’s backstory and move set take center stage, marking the first instance where players have been able to witness the sharpshooter in action.

For folks not familiar with the name, Kate Bishop, like her better known predecessor Clint Barton, is one of many heroes to assume the Hawkeye mantle in Marvel Comics, traditionally being presented as a member of the so-called Young Avengers. Here, however, it looks as if the master archer will be inducted into the main team to fight alongside Hulk, Thor and others in the battle against AIM.

See below for some gorgeous concept art:

Despite sharing essentially the same abilities, Crystal has confirmed previously that both Bishop and Barton will eventually be present in-game, naturally leading us to wonder how the developer intends to differentiate the two in terms of gameplay, assuming they’re both made playable, at least. Similar concerns have been raised for leaked characters such as War Machine as well who, for all intents and purposes, is ‘just’ another Iron Man.

For now, though, fans will no doubt be ecstatic to know that Marvel’s Avengers is, at long last, primed to deliver on its promise of expanding the roster. Kate Bishop will be available for all platforms at no additional cost starting next month, December 8th.

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