Marvel’s Avengers’ Total Story Length Will Be 25 Hours With War For Wakanda DLC


Marvel’s Avengers‘ first major expansion is just a few weeks away, and it’s looking like players will have plenty of content to sink their teeth into. When War for Wakanda – a free update intended to add the titular city as well as Black Panther as a new playable superhero – launches next month, the total playtime required to see Crystal Dynamics’ story through from beginning to end will be in the region of 25 hours.

This number comes by way of Entertainment Weekly, which revealed yesterday that Kratos voice actor Christopher Judge will lend his powerful vocal cords to the live service title as King T’Challa. Due to the article’s wording of the former revelation, however, some have been left wondering if the impressive playtime refers to just the upcoming DLC or Marvel’s Avengers as a whole.

Fortunately, narrative designer Keano Raubun has taken to Twitter in order to clarify the EW piece, stating that the latter scenario is correct.

Many will have already spent considerably more time in-game than that, of course, though it’s worth pointing out that this figure doesn’t account for optional content such as side missions and War Zones. That being the case, fans can expect a sizable adventure ahead when War for Wakanda arrives in August.

As for Crystal’s future Marvel’s Avengers plans, at least one additional character, Spider-Man, is known to be on the way, though unlikes previous additions such as Kate Bishop and Clint Barton, Parker’s alter-ego will be a PlayStation exclusive. That announcement inevitably caused quite the controversy when it dropped last year, and it’ll be interesting to see if the backlash will have any bearing on sales and engagement when Spidey eventually arrives.