Mass Effect 3 And Kingdoms Of Amalur Demos To Offer In-Game Content For Full Releases


Donning the N7 Armor in Reckoning

With the upcoming releases of both Mass Effect 3 and Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, EA has a busy schedule ahead. To give gamers an incentive to play the demos of each game before the actual release, EA has announced in a press release that unlocks for the full games will be built into the demos themselves.

The Mass Effect 3 demo will unlock in-game content for Reckoning, and the Reckoning demo will unlock gear for Commander Shepard to don in the full version of Mass Effect 3.

According to EA‘s press release, Reckoning‘s demo will consist of the tutorial section, then 45 minutes to explore the world of the game. After the demo is complete, and after the trailer for the full game has played, players will unlock the Reckoner Knight Armor and the Chakram Launcher to equip in Mass Effect 3. The former will increase close-quarters combat damage and increase projectile velocity, while the latter will produce explosive discs.

Playing through–and presumably completing–the Mass Effect 3 demo will unlock the N7 armor for use in Reckoning, along with the helm, cuirass, gauntlets, chausses and greaves. Also unlocked for Reckoning after playing the Mass Effect 3 demo will be the Omniblade Daggers, which replicate Shepard’s new weapon in Mass Effect 3. The daggers will specialize in close-combat.

According to EA, the Reckoning demo will be released on January 17. The Mass Effect 3 demo does not yet have a hard date set for release, but will likely follow later this month.

This seems like a clever ploy for EA to draw gamers to Reckoning and Mass Effect 3, and a reward for gamers already figuring on buying both. What do you guys think? A gift out of generosity or a way to increase sales? Let us know below.

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