Mass Effect 3 Liara Figurine Comes With Exclusive DLC

Do you see that innocent looking figure of Mass Effect 3‘s Liara T’soni above? Is it appealing to you? It isn’t to me, and it may not be to you. What if I told you that the figurine comes with exclusive DLC for Mass Effect 3? Do you want it now?

The figurine above, which is available now for preorder for $59.99 at Kotobukiya, stands at 10 inches tall, and features the most inaccurate face and….erm….”endowments” I’ve ever seen on Liara.

We don’t know the details on what the exclusive DLC is, other than it’s only available for Xbox 360 and PC versions. But PS3 owners could still buy the figure without the promise of what ever DLC comes with it. The awkward looks you get from your friends and/or significant other for having this on your shelf is not console exclusive, however.

Me? I’ll hold off for a Mordin statue. He is the very model of a scientist Salarian, after all.

Mass Effect 3 is out on March 6. Which is soon. Much sooner than it seems.

What say you, gamers? Will this one be collecting dust on your shelf as well?